who we are
1. who we are
An advertising and public relations agency
We are anadvertising and public relations agency with offices in Brescia, Milan and Parma.
Our adventure began in 1989. Whenever we have launched a new project since then we have done so with the same determination we set off with:with the same curiosity to explore new roads, but with the experience that has expanded our know-how over the years.
Today Mistral is an integrated agency where advertising, events, PR and digital converge.
What distinguishes us is our desire to accompany clients towards their target, trying to suggest the best possible direction to them rather than the easiest one:with the head and with the heart!
Why choose Mistral
  • We dedicate ourselves to new projects, mixing advertising and public relations in order to MAXIMISE investments.
  • We create SYNERGIES that bring different companies together in a co-marketing perspective.
  • Over years of work we have established consolidated RELATIONS with the media.
  • We select expert PARTNERS in line with our company philosophy.
  • We employ CREATIVITY in order to approach classic communications.