Digital PR
3. public relations
Digital PR
Today digital PR is the evolution of the most ancient and most powerful form of advertising: word-of-mouth. Digital PR, in other words relations with the public through brand ambassadors or influencers on the internet, makes it possible to create a loyalty relationship between the brand and the users (no longer mere clients) in order to stimulate the number and importance of online conversations.

A digital PR project heightens the awareness of the company brand and at the same time has a positive effect on its online reputation through which potential new consumers are activated.

Mistral studies and realises turnkey digital PR projects broken down into three stages:
Planning stage

Drafting a strategic project designed for the brand targets.
Operative stage = seeding

  • Creation of a profiled database with the most suitable influencers for broadcasting the message;
  • Definition of the creative and exclusive contents;
  • Coordinating and monitoring the influencers.
Report stage

Assessment and exploitation of the results.