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who we are
1. who we are
Emotion & practicality
Our history as an advertising and public relations agency that began in 1989 and since then Mistral has been:head and heart! We balance the propulsive and engaging power of the emotions with the force of a concrete and practical approach, creating communications projects that are able to speak to the heart but also dialogue with consumers in a measurable and effective manner.
2. communication
A stroke of genius is not enough
Here in Mistral we believe that an effective message springs from a profound knowledge of the brand, its products, the goals and especially the target it is directed at. Once the right idea, the insight, has been identified, we follow the pathways of creativity to seek the route that makes the best use of the initial idea before choosing the ideal communicative vehicles and supports.
public relations
3. public relations
We recount your products with passion
The success of a brand also depends on the relationship it is able to establish with the media and with today's social media opinion leaders: - increasingly, the most authoritative sounding box for a company's values and for new consumption trends. Our press office's job is to interface daily with national and local newspaper, radio and TV editorial offices and with the most trending and followed bloggers and influencers.
4. clients
People we have worked for
Fattoria Scaldasole
Grana Padano
Nonno Nanni
Regione Lombardia
Rigoni di Asiago
Ritter Sport
Switzerland cheese
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