Social network
3. public relations
Social network
Today the internet is a huge virtual marketplace and one of the most important showcases for companies and consumers - the active players in an interactive communicative process. The product's story can be told in a simple, immediate and spontaneous manner through social networks, with the creation of a daily friendly bond between the company and its consumers.

In the digital world Mistral undertakes to guarantee not simply the management of social network presence as an end in itself but also takes action to implement the brand's on-line reputation by means of three coordinated activities:
  • Development of a communication strategy preceded by a thorough analysis of the market and of the competitors.
  • The day by day operations coordinated with the needs of the Client's business plan.
  • Reporting and analysis of the results.
Then, through the simultaneous management of the press and digital PR offices Mistral is able to activate a virtuous circle and broaden the results of both these activities in a coordinated manner.